Forget about spreadsheets and email messages to address LGPD-related issues

With our system, it is possible to reduce costs, risks and optimize the management of manifestations through the centralization of information and workflows.

Who trusts the Digital Ombudsman

Acting in all sectors of the economy, such as Industry, Commerce and Services

Customer Testimonials

No one better than some of our customers to talk about the Digital Ombudsman

I want more partners like that in the world. They make everything easier, more pleasurable and incredible. I was very well attended from the 1st contact.

EVERY moment the Digital Ouvidor team was of an absurd sensitivity. Totally admirable.

Too easy to work with companies like that. Too rewarding!

Thank you for so much, timão Ouvidor Digital 🙂

Raphaella Rossini

Fazendo Futuro

With the Digital Ombudsman, we move towards a completely innovative and digitalized model for managing complaints.

The solution made it possible to enhance the relationship with our stakeholders based on good practices of ethical conduct with confidentiality of information, integrity and transparency.

Also, the service and support the tool is excellent. We have always been very well attended.

Kristiano Henry

Patrus Transportes

Working with Ouvidor Digital has been a very rewarding experience for EQS.

We started our partnership in 01/2020 and since then, we have been surprised with the quality and support offered from the first contact, from the sales team to support, always with fast and excellent service.

The platform where we receive complaints is simple, very functional and secure.

Juliana Ribeiro

EQS Engenharia

Digital Ombudsman in the Media

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We strengthen the ethical culture in organizations

The Digital Ouvidor combines technology and Customer Centric vision to strengthen communication and ethics within organizations.

Our team specializes in reporting channels with more than 170 clients across Brazil and users in the US, Argentina and Japan. In addition, we operate in all sectors of the economy.

Our solutions include systems of Whistleblower Channels, Ombudsman and LGPD incidents.

We are pioneers in the use of conversational automation (Artificial Intelligence and chatbot) to capture reports and incidents, generate indicators, optimize processes and minimize compliance risks.

What is the Digital Ombudsman’s LGPD Management System

Efficient organization of data generated by due diligence regarding LGPD incidents is essential.

Therefore, we created the Digital Ouvidor LGPD management system, a tool developed to optimize the relationship of interested parties in relation to infringements in the treatment of captured data.

Our solution can help your company’s Data Officer (DPO) to gain productivity and communicate much more efficiently with the parties involved in capturing and processing data.

Advantages of the solution

1. Avoid fines and sanctions

Punishments of up to 2% of sales and prohibition of activities related to data processing.

2. Cost Reduction

Reduction of costs with personnel and manual operations performed in parallel tools, such as emails and spreadsheets.

3. Risk Reduction

Risk reduction related to not forwarding the proceedings related to the LGPD.

4. Optimization of the incident management process

Optimize the incident management process with time reduction, centralization of information and workflow in the system.

System Features

See all the functions you will have access to when using the Digital Ombudsman’s LGPD management system

☑️ Management Dashboard

☑️ Notifications to the manager

☑️ Distribution of tasks to other areas

☑️ Protocol generation by report

☑️ Chat with protester

☑️ Export in CSV

☑️ Registration logs

☑️ Report generation in the ANPD standard

☑️ Action plan creation and management

Understand how the system works

It’s just 3 simple and practical steps. Check it out below:


1st STEP

Report submission by the protester

In the initial stage, the system will receive the user’s manifestation using capture tools via custom web form and protocol generation.


2nd STEP

Receipt of the report by the company

In the next step, the tool organizes the manifestations received in a simple and objective way, by listing the manifestations and structuring data


3rd STEP

Investigation and treatment of the manifestation

Finally, it’s time to investigate and deal with the manifestation. For this, our system has:

☑️ Chat to communicate with protesters;
☑️ Notification for protester;
☑️ Action plan;
☑️ Temporary user;
☑️ SLA Alert;
☑️ ANPD: report + closing alert + export;
☑️ Finalization of report.

Why choose the Digital Ombudsman?

See 6 reasons to choose our solution


1st Brazilian player to offer a 100% exclusive solution for LGPD Incident Management in the market


Excellence in service, recognized by customers with a score of 9.6 (satisfaction from 1 to 10)


Widely recognized company. We serve over 170 large, medium and small companies

Easy to use

Intuitive and optimized interface for incident management, adapted to mobile devices, for both the protester and the manager

Exclusive features

Features exclusive to LGPD, such as reporting to ANPD, centralizing information and alerts for performance optimization

Performance indicators

Real-time performance reports, graphs and indicators to aid in the company’s strategic decision-making

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